Mike Homan


My journey to become a trainer and owner with Sit Means Sit started as a customer. I met Paul Pollock and his trainers at the RV Show at the IX center and signed up for the free in home demo.

Their dogs were amazing, but I was a bit skeptical that they could help us. We had just rescued Dozer, an adorable Basset mix. Though he was loving and affectionate with us, he was incredibly aggressive with strangers and guests. During the demo, the trainer was able to get Dozer to calmly come and sit by him and allow him to pet him. We were amazed and signed up Dozer and Penny, our 6 month old SUPER energetic (destructive) chocolate lab puppy.

With our initial three lessons, we learned that Dozers aggressiveness was from fear, and we were taught how to help him manage it and increase his self-confidence. He now has the self-confidence to be as lovable and affectionate with others as with us.

Penny was the opposite of Dozer; an abundance of self-confidence and drive. She was always into something and had a mind of her own. She rarely came when called. By the end of training, she was off leash with us and was able to listen to what was asked, regardless of the distractions! As a Registered Nurse, I would take her to work with me. The patients loved having her around to brighten their day. She never could have done this without the self-control Sit Means Sit helped us teach her.

When I had the opportunity to come work with Paul and his team I jumped at the chance to help people get the happy, confident, obedient furry family member they had dreamed of.

The longer I worked as a trainer the more I knew this is what I wanted to do. Paul encouraged me to open a franchise. I attended The Sit Means Sit Dog Training and Business Franchise ownership school, in Las Vegas, NV.

Trainer with his 2 cute dogs
SIt Means Sit Dog training center member posing with the Dog

Corey Homan


Corey Homan grew up in a family which was very animal oriented with many dogs, cats, rabbits and any type of reptile you could imagine. As with everyone growing up, Corey was hit with the age old childhood question, “What do you wanna be when you grow up?”

Being raised in a “zoo-like” environment, countless hours of watching Animal Planet and a trip to the Local Marine Park, seemed to make that the easiest question he would ever answer. “I want to work with animals!”

Corey’s father, Michael Homan had been a long time Sit Means Sit client of the Cleveland-Akron Franchise Location when he was presented with the opportunity to work for 2011 and 2013 Top Franchisee Paul Pollack, (Sit Means Sit, Cleveland-Akron). Since then, Mike decided to open up his own Franchise location (Cleveland-Westside), which, with the help of his son Corey, will be one of the top franchises in the next three years.

Corey attended the Sit Means Sit Dog Training and Business Franchise School in September 2014, where he fine tuned his dog training skills. He learned how to implement the foundations of the Sit Means Sit Dog Training System into practical situations. Corey not only worked with real-live clients, but demonstrated a professional approach to teaching the average dog owner, leading bite prevention demonstrations for elementary schools, and working with every type of dog and disposition as possible from aggressive dogs to puppies to dogs that just aren’t motivated.

When asked, “What IS the Sit Means Sit Difference and Why do you want to be a Sit Means Sit Certified Trainer?” Corey answered, “I watched my dads dogs perform some incredible things. I saw the difference in the dogs and seen the joy in peoples faces that it brought. I knew, that’s exactly the difference I wanted to make. I was given this opportunity to join the Sit Means Sit Family and still feel like I am dreaming! I thought to myself, I really get to play with dogs all day and make a living off of it? What could be better?!”

Corey Homan is truly an asset to the Sit Means Sit Community and with his knowledge base, attention to detail and hunger to be the best will be an invaluable part of your journey to a happy, confident and healthy relationship with you and your furry friend.

Leslie Richards


I have been an animal lover my whole life. Even as a little girl I chose stuffed animals over baby dolls. While my brother was the babysitter of the neighborhood, I was always the one who was outside playing with everyone’s dogs. Growing up in West Virginia we always had a variety of animals, dogs, cats, horses, birds, hamsters, fish, rabbits, racoons and even turtles. But there has never been a day that I haven’t had a dog in my household, all of which I have trained. My boyfriend, Duane, and I currently have four dogs and two cats. We have our mother and daughter black lab duo Kloe and Skyy and our rescues Gigi, a terrier mix, and Honey, a pug. Our cats are Boo who we rescued the week of Halloween and Gran her son.

With the wonderful help and support from Duane, I began my search for a new career path after working 9 years as a supervisor in retail and 3 years as a loan officer in banking. That is when my cousin, Mindy, introduced me to Mike and I knew that I found my calling. Working in the office at Sit Means Sit Cleveland-Westside gives me the opportunity of working with great clients who also share the passion for animals that I have. Not to mention I get all the doggy kisses I want all day long whether I’m home or at work. Working here is truly a dream come true.

SIt Means Sit Dog training center member posing with the Dogs